X to Harvest User Biometrics and Professional Data Soon

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In a significant shift in privacy policy, X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, is set to begin collecting biometric data and information on its users’ employment and education history. The policy update, due to be implemented on September 29, has been revealed amidst a backdrop of a proposed class action lawsuit in Illinois. The lawsuit alleges that X has been collecting biometric information on users without providing prior notice or obtaining their explicit consent.

This new policy, primarily aimed at X Premium users, is designed to provide an additional layer of verification. However, the specifics of what biometric data will be collected remain undefined. Such data could potentially encompass facial images, fingerprints, and iris patterns. Meanwhile, the collection of employment and education history is intended to enhance job recommendations, aid in job applications, and refine the relevancy of advertising. This move coincides with the recent launch of X Hiring, a new recruitment tool giving early access to verified organizations.

X, Formerly Known as Twitter, to Start Collecting Biometric Data and Users’ Employment History

Social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, has recently announced an update to its privacy policy. Starting from next month, it will be collecting biometric data and information on users’ employment and education history, according to the newly updated policy.

Biometric Data for Enhanced Verification

X’s new privacy policy, set to take effect on September 29, states that the collection of users’ biometric information will be used for safety, security, and identification purposes. The company has informed Bloomberg Law that this new policy is primarily aimed at X Premium users. These users, who pay for the platform’s subscription service, will be provided with an additional layer of verification through the collection of this data. However, X is yet to reveal exactly what kind of biometric data it plans on collecting. Typically, this could include facial images, fingerprints, and iris patterns.

Collection of Employment and Education History

In addition to biometric data, X also plans to accumulate information about users’ employment and education history. This is with the intent to recommend potential jobs, share relevant information with employers when users apply for jobs, enable employers to find potential candidates, and to display more relevant advertising to users. This is in line with X’s latest feature, X Hiring, a new recruitment tool that was rolled out last week. Verified organizations have been granted early access to the beta version of this feature.

Controversial Changes Since Musk’s Acquisition

Since its acquisition by billionaire Elon Musk last fall, X has undergone significant changes. This includes its rebrand from Twitter and several controversial modifications such as walking back its content moderation policies and reinstating previously banned accounts. The move to collect biometric data and users’ employment history is the latest in these changes.

Final Takeaways

The move by X to collect biometric and employment data raises several questions about user privacy and data security. It is also noteworthy that this announcement comes at a time when X is facing a proposed class-action lawsuit in Illinois over allegations of collecting biometric information without prior notice or consent. As the landscape of social media continues to evolve, users must remain vigilant about the information they share and how it is used.

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