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YouTube Music is jumping on the short-form video bandwagon with the introduction of its new Samples tab on mobile. This feature aims to connect potential fans with up-and-coming artists through bite-sized video segments, similar to the popular app TikTok. The personalized feed, located in the bottom navigation bar, will showcase the latest releases from emerging musicians as well as hidden gems from established artists, accompanied by 30-second video clips. With the success of YouTube Shorts and the vast library of songs on the platform, it only makes sense for YouTube Music to incorporate this feature.

While some may dismiss Samples as another TikTok copycat, the combination of familiar and new artists, along with the endless possibilities of music selection, sets this feature apart. According to YouTube Music product manager Gregor Dodson, the algorithm for Samples is a unique blend of the Supermix and Discover playlists, offering a curated experience for users. Early testers have found the feature to be engaging and enjoyable, as it allows them to explore music videos they may not have stumbled upon otherwise. The addition of features like liking songs, adding them to playlists, and sharing with friends further enhances the user experience. Best of all, Samples is available to all users for free, without the need for a Premium subscription.

YouTube Music Introduces "Samples" Tab, Embracing TikTok-Like Features

YouTube Music is taking a page from TikTok’s book with its new "Samples" tab, which aims to introduce users to new artists through short-form video segments. This new feature will be located in the bottom navigation bar, nestled between Home and Explore. When selected, it will launch a personalized feed curated by the algorithm, showcasing the latest releases from emerging talents and hidden gems from established musicians. Each track will be accompanied by a 30-second video clip, allowing users to quickly discover new music.

While some may dismiss this move as another social media platform copying TikTok’s endless feed format, it actually makes a lot of sense for YouTube Music. The success of YouTube Shorts, combined with the vast library of songs on the platform, makes integrating a similar feature a logical step forward.

We had the opportunity to test out the Samples tab, and it’s undeniably cool. It’s exciting to stumble upon music videos that you wouldn’t typically watch and discover amazing bands you may have never heard of before. It’s worth noting that each snippet will loop endlessly, requiring users to manually swipe up to move on to the next entry. Additional buttons on the side allow users to like songs, add them to playlists, share favorites with friends, or even use them in YouTube Shorts.

The best part? Samples is a free addition to YouTube Music, available to all users without the need for a Premium subscription. Simply ensure that you have the latest version of the YouTube Music app on your mobile device. The feature is currently rolling out worldwide, so keep an eye out for the update.

As for the future, YouTube Music plans to expand this technology to other areas of their platform, although specific details have not been disclosed. This trend of merging music with an infinite feed seems to be gaining traction, with Spotify implementing similar features in its mobile app and TikTok preparing to launch its own music streaming service. It will be interesting to see if other streaming platforms, such as Tidal, will follow suit with scrolling feeds.

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